This Property Due Diligence Checklist is prepared by Diamond Heights Lipa. 

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Diamond Heights Lipa is the flagship project of JJS Realty and Development Inc. located at Barangay Latag, Lipa City, Batangas.

Diamond Heights feature Modern-Contemporary houses. Other than this, Diamond Heights is known for its vow to live closer to nature, to breathe fresh air, and be away from urban areas to leap into Mother Nature’s open arms. Living in a quiet community enjoying Lipa’s cool climate is a perfect place to raise a family!

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Questions To Ask Before Buying A Property

To ensure you make the right choices. To help you save time and headaches.

Your Home Should Reflect Who You Are...

Makes you feel proud of your decision.

Should you consider these list?

With our free Due Diligence Checklist, you will know what is that 20 most important questions you need to consider before making that decision of investing on your Dream Home.

Feel free to use this checklist in every property you are considering.

  • ⇒Find a developer who values what you values.
  • ⇒Consider what are your needs in a home what you are looking for.
  • ⇒Feel the need for your sense of fullfillment where you can honestly say it is worth it.

Property Details

  • Selling Price
  • Lot Area
  • Floor Area
  • Description

Possession of Property

  • Is the property occupied?
  • Terms and conditions

Title of the property

  • Have you secured Certified True Copy?
  • Is the tax declaration in the name of the seller?


  • Cash Payment Discount?
  • Minimum Downpayment
  • Payment Terms (DP)
  • Monthly Amortization
  • Financing Options

Possible Other Expenses

  • Real Property Tax
  • Electricity Installation
  • Water Installation
  • Home Owner’s Association Dues (HOA)

Physical Aspect

  • Condition of Property
  • Flood Prone?
  • Signs of Earthquake Damage?
  • Safety and Security
  • Regular Garbage Collection?


  • Quality of Nearby Houses
  • Schools
  • Public Transportation
  • Hospitals 
  • Groceries


  • Church
  • Informal Setlers
  • Slaughter house/piggery/poultry?
  • Garbage Dump
  • Inspected at Day Time
  • Inspected at Night Time

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