5 Advantages in living in Lipa City | Reasons Why

There are many advantages to living in Lipa City Batangas. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 advantages why you should choose Lipa City in your journey in finding your new home.

The famous Lipa City. It is famous for its cool weather, churches, heritage sites, kapeng barako and lomi. There are a lot more advantages to living in Lipa City. Some of them are listed.

1. Strategic Location

The City of Lipa, which lies approximately 80 kilometers south of Manila, has much to offer indeed to local and foreign tourists, investors, and even to prospective residents. Its proximity to Metro Manila easily made it a preferred weekend destination among urbanites who are in need of a quick break and a breath of fresh air.

2. Great tropical weather

Among the many things that this first-class city is known for is its cool climate that surprises visitors and newcomers. Lipa City has an elevation of 1,025 ft above sea level and is situated between Mount Malarayat and Mount Makulot, which both serve as windbreakers against strong typhoons.

3. Culture

Lipa, which is one of the three cities in the province of Batangas, is rich in culture and festivities as well. It celebrates the Coffee Festival, Walistik Festival, Lomi Festival, among others.  The month of January, especially, is a busy one as the city gears up for the Lipa City Fiesta Celebration, which is held primarily in honor of Lipa’s patron saint, San Sebastian, and culminates on Jan. 20.

4. Little Rome

Lipa has likewise earned the nickname “Little Rome of the Philippines,” as it is home to quite a number of churches, convents, retreat facilities, and seminaries. The city was also the site of two popular apparitions, namely the “Shower of Petals” in 1948 and the “Lady atop a coconut tree” in 1993.

5. Thriving Businesses

On the business side, Lipa was earlier identified to be among the Top 10 Next Wave Cities, which meant that it was one of the 10 cyber growth corridors in the country.  The local economy continues to thrive with the entry of business process outsourcing (BPO) firms. Its business-friendly environment has made the city an ideal place for investments.

Real estate firm JJS Realty and Development the developer that built the famous Marian Heights Subdivision also picked the progressive city of Lipa to be the location of its development, Diamond Heights Lipa. Situated at Brgy. Latag Lipa City Batangas and with the modern style houses.