Steps in Buying a Home

Looking for a new home?

Don’t know where to start?

We can help you start your Dream!

With This simple home buying guide.

  • Homeowner orientation
    • Discuss your qualifications as a buyer on availing of a property.
      • Requirements
      • Payments Schemes
      • Budget
      • Know the home unit details, specifications, and amenities
  • On-Site Visit
    • Contact us at:
    • Take a tour around the property for FREE with your Property Consultant.
    • Check all nearby amenities like malls, churches, markets, and modes of transportation.
  • Make Reservation
    • Make the reservation of your desired Home Unit.
    • Pay the reservation fee in the Sales Office at Diamond Heights
    • You can pay in cash, check payments, or bank deposits
  • Submit Requirements for Purchase
    • Make sure everything is authentic to avoid future problems
    • Submit Requirements within 30 days after reservation
    • Sign all necessary documents pertaining to the sale of your chosen Home unit
  • Prepare Downpayment
    • Pay Down Payment (20%) of Total Contract Price of Home Unit
    • It is payable in 12 up to 24 months at 0% Interest
    • Monthly DP starts 30 days from the date of reservation depending on the cut-off date
  • Property Inspection
    • Upon the completion of the property, make the final assessment by inspecting your Home Unit
    • Check all the surroundings and make sure everything is working well
    • Report all irregularities to the Sales Office so we can address them.
  • Move-In to Your Home Unit
    • Go through the inspection and acceptance period of your New House
    • Apply for Batelec and Water meter
    • Move-In to your Brand New House upon acceptance

Follow these steps so You can get your Dream Home.


Diamond Heights Lipa is the flagship project of JJS Realty and Development Inc. located at Barangay Latag Lipa City. “Family and community are at the center of everything we do,  we impart that sense of family and community to our homes.”

Diamond Heights feature Modern-Contemporary houses. Other than this, Diamond Heights is known for its vow to live closer to nature, to breathe fresh air and be away from urban areas to leap into Mother Nature’s open arms. Living in a quiet community enjoying Lipa’s cool climate is a perfect place to raise a family!

Lipa City Infographic

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