Houses are being demolished for Road Widening.

There are concerns about houses being demolished by the Philippine government to widen roads. Some families may have their houses cut in half or some may have to destroy walls to adjust for the project. What can Filipinos do about it?

It may be too late. You need to hire a lawyer in the Philippines who specializes with these situations and practices these areas of law. It may be costly, but losing a house is, too. But a lawyer may be able to claim rightful possession of the land that the house is built on if the house has been there for decades. If the process of demolishing is on the way, you have not given the lawyer enough time at this point. The best he may be able to do at this point is recover some money for your family after the house has been already demolished.

But since they are claiming the building of the house on that land was a mistake by the owners/builders (previous or present) and it is on their property and not a case of needing the land for an improvement (like a road), then they may not pay anything.

In some areas that the Philippine Government has the actual claim for the property and settlers only have the Property Rights, the Government gives relocation and it is very usual for them since there are many Filipinos at this status.

In all actuality, this is not really eminent domain if in fact the house is partially built on city property. Eminent domain is when a govt forces a property owner to sell his property to the govt so the govt can build a road or some other public benefit.


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