Top Reasons why Lipa City Batangas is the Best Housing Investment

Lipa has been acknowledged as an emerging city in the south of Luzon in 2004 and has become a favorite location for investors and immigrants for the following reasons.

1. High Elevation

Lipa is elevated at approximately 1,025 feet above sea level, which is the 3rd highest among the cities in Luzon.

2. Lower Weather Temperature

The temperature in Lipa City is generally lower than the average Philippine temperature by approximately 3-5 degrees Celsius. The weather in Lipa City is best to enjoy from November until February and sometimes extends to March to as low as 14 degrees Celsius. You will find here a lot of farms for breeding and poultry.

3. Protected by Two Mountains

Lipa is nestled between Mount Malarayat and Mount Maculot which makes it a low-risk area for natural disasters. These two mountains serve as a windbreak during typhoons. Mount Makulot, in the west, also served as a shield during eruptions of the Taal Volcano.

4. Strategic Location

Lipa is in the heart of the CALABARZON region and is only approximately 45 minutes drive from Makati via STAR Tollway without traffic.

5. Less Risk to Flood

Lipa remains a flood-free area in general with its high elevation, but with climate change and torrential rain, there’s no more location anywhere that can be considered 100% flood-free. As for Lipa’s case, there are always catchment areas all over the city but once the rains stopped the flood will subside almost immediately.

6. Highly Commercialized

Lipa is Batangas’ most commercialized area with the existence of prominent malls and restaurants in the Philippines. It also houses world-class golf courses and a health spa.

7. Little Rome of the Philippines

Little Rome of the Philippines is the attribute that is only for Lipa by the Department of Tourism for its multiple numbers of religious houses, convents, and churches.

8. Competitive Workforce

Lipa has a wide human resource for competitive and skilled workers, making the city among the Philippines’ Top Ten Next Wave Cities.

9. Low Susceptibility to Landslide

At least approximately 90% of Lipa’s land area has low susceptibility to landslide except for mountainous and near Taal lake areas.

10. Religious and Family-Centered People

Lipeños are generally faithful to their religion and have a solid family relationship which makes them worry-free neighbors.


Diamond Heights Lipa is the flagship project of JJS Realty and Development Inc. located at Barangay Latag Lipa City. “Family and community are at the center of everything we do,  we impart that sense of family and community to our homes.”

Diamond Heights feature Modern-Contemporary houses. Other than this, Diamond Heights is known for its vow to live closer to nature, to breathe fresh air and be away from urban areas to leap into Mother Nature’s open arms. Living in a quiet community enjoying Lipa’s cool climate is a perfect place to raise a family!

Lipa City Infographic

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